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Hi! I'm new to this forum and I joined to ask you guys a few questions, hope that's OK =)

I recently changed hosting company to a paid one that I thought was going to be faster.
The process of moving all files and migrating the sql database was not as smooth as I thought.
Now everything is running BUT I have users that telling me they can't connect. That they time out. Even for me the website is super fast sometimes and painfully slow at other time. I think it has to with cach?
Anyways, I'm afraid I might have messes up the database and perhaps even have some corrupted files? I have no idea, I'm just taking a wild guess here.
This is where the website used to be hosted: famiworld.host22. com <--- faster for some reason
This the new address famiworld. com

any ideas? Any help is much appreciated


As your forum's closed for guest viewing, I didn't get to see much. But, what I could see loaded VERY quickly.

I checked also your site and it is sometimes VERY slow ...
When i did a W3C check, i get next response:
500 Can't connect to (connect: timeout)
Do you have somewhere a standard HTML page?
Then we can check or your hosting company or your SMF configuration causes the problem  ;)

I have tried: and it takes 15 seconds to load the first time.
After this first time, you can reload the page very fast.

So it's possible a cache problem ... try to disable the cache and test again ...
Before testing empty your browsers cache !!!

I do have another webpage at the same hosting company.
and that one loads very fast, always.

I'm going to try to to disable the cache like you mentioned =)


ALright so I have went to Server settings --> Configuration --> Caching --> then put caching level to no caching.
My users are still having problems connecting to it =(

Some, that live in Australia of US west coast can't even connect to it at all.

I'm from Belgium, but i do not think that's an problem  ::)
Did you try to empty your browsers cache?

If i go there now there is a difference, because you page load is very fast.
Did you empty your cache directory? If not do it and turn on again the cache.

Even the W3C check is running now (with errors, but its running  :o )


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