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Important Notice: Do you use Filezilla? Avatars and Attachments lost?

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Wooooow thanks for share this info. Now i know why happens this :/

I am very grateful this post was stickied!  I would have had no clue about any of this!  Thanks many times over!! :)

My question is same as above.   Do I also uncheck it for avatars folder?  You mention to uncheck it for attachments directory but didn't mention avatars folder.  I'm just assuming to also uncheck it for avatars folder since avatars are the topic subject.

You can just transfer everything as binary and it will be ok, as Arantor says here:

Or use your host's cpanel filemanager to make a zip file of everything, then download the zip.  If you do this, make sure to read the popup window that shows what has been zipped because any error messages will show up in here.  (For instance, if you don't have enough space for the zip file in your web space, it will fail.)

Thank you all for this thread as I had the very same problem. Godaddy was able to restore my forum directory from a backup and I have now moved it to my new domain name correctly and all now works okay. I thought, for a moment, I had lost all of my attachments and avatars but this thread alerted me to the problem and I was able to recover. That was a close call!

Glad to hear all is working now, SatTrkr. Let us know if you have any other issues.


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