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End of life of SMF 1.0

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It was time. Thank for this information Norv. ;)

Thank for this information

weekend camper:
Wow, hard to believe its been that long already since 1.0x.

Kudos to the past and present team members for supporting it this long.


You know what's going to happen now... word is going to spread that SMF 1 is end of life, confusing and panicking everyone running on 1.1. I would suggest that in any announcement or posting regarding this that you always say 1.0.x, rather than 1.0, to make it absolutely clear that it's not all of SMF 1 that's going away. If you don't, stupid/careless people will drop the ".0" part of it (after all, we learned in math class that 1 == 1.0, right?).


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