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What am I missing? Title, keywords... etc


I'm sorry if this is standard and listed somewhere that I have not found but I'm having issues with this.... I recently created a forum to go hand in hand with my already existing website (store) and blog. I cannot seem to find how to adjust the title, keywords.... and other basic SEO type things.

I looked through the manual, did some searching in the forum here and looked all through my admin account. I'm using the sunset theme with some minor adjustments but I can't seem to find how to make these changes.

Help would be appreciated.
my site is polishpotterytalk .com

NanoSector: - Read that.

Yes, I already read that. It didn't help. I'm not trying to optimize my site per se, but I want to specify a title and description so when I click on page info, I can at least see that. This is what I want to know, how to add these things, or rather, where.

Hi, the title and description are entered automatically. Both are the same. The only thing you can input are the keywords. For that look in the Admin CP >> Features and options >> General >> Meta keywords associated with forum


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