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Some YaBBse Mods should be "standard"

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with the instant area :) You could think on a buddy list  ;)


--- Quote from: David on August 03, 2003, 05:23:52 PM ---
--- Quote from: mephisto_kur on August 03, 2003, 05:19:11 PM ---Since I haven't recieved any PMs here yet, how does that page look?  Hopefully we have moved past the "put every message on the same page" thing...

Quick, a bunch of you send me PMs!

--- End quote ---
The Instant Message area has not yet been redone but it is planned.

--- End quote ---

Great!  It never seemed very logical the way it was set up before.

Joshua Dickerson:
I think the buddy list was planned. If not, it is a new column in members containing a list of ids. You join those ids on the members table and get their names. Then you create a drop down menu from that and you have buddies :D

The instant message area is going to be redone a bit, but currently it is paginated.


Some of my MOD to Standard Features Request
Sure some may be over the top but if people dont like them they can always diable.

Set # of Latest Posts in Board Index
Quick Reply
Completed thread
Avatar Upload(See someone already requested)
Change default personal text
Show user browsing
Whos Online
IM popup notification
Now listening(for some reason my members like this)
Global Mod Center
Top Karma listings
MemberMap(this is my favorite of all- heck its even on the Official YaBBse page-why it was never added as a feature is beyond me!)

Hopefully at least some of these are being considered as features already. Please forgive me if I am asking for too much but I think most of these MODs are authored by members of the team so it wouldn't be a stretch- would it?



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