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Some YaBBse Mods should be "standard"

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Joshua Dickerson:

--- Quote from: klumy on August 03, 2003, 12:32:00 PM ---How about a more informative user profile page.

I just think of the Biography/hobby mod

--- End quote ---
not planned but it would be an easy mod to add.

Hans v. M.:
I like the mod I installed just 2 days ago  ;) in YaBBSE and I would like it to be a part of the standard of SMF:
** members cannot delete or edit their messages.
If they could, a whole thread could become totally unreadable!

And I would like to have
** the "search all new messages" button in top of the board just like de YSE board had (has)
Thanks, good luck with the new project. Hope these two features become part of it, standard  :)

Joshua Dickerson:
it's a permission. already done and incorporated. It is a board permission actually, so you can set this per board.

Hans v. M.:
Thanks Groundup, great!
I guess your answer concerns my question about the "not remove or edit" question?
What about the unread messages button?

Joshua Dickerson:
it doesn't have a search new button.


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