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Anyone knows how to fix this converter for IPB 3.2?

This is for IPB 3.0.

3.2 is a different version.

well, I made some fixes and seems like it was converted fine from IPB 3.1.2 to the latest SMF (2.0.2).
please check it and use as you want, it worked for me, but seems like I'll not make any changes anymore.

does not work your converter

Im getting this any solution please suggest me ?

Sorry, the database connection information used in the specified installation of SMF cannot access the installation of Invision Power Board 3.0. This may either mean that the installation doesn't exist, or that the Database account used does not have permissions to access it.

The error that was received from the Database was: SELECT command denied to user 'xnonymo2_smf1'@'localhost' for table 'members'


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