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SMF MediaWiki integration released

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Joshua Dickerson:
It doesn't work with 1.1 AFAIK and we won't be making it work with it.

Thanks for the advice.



--- Quote from: Paracelsus on December 07, 2011, 05:10:07 AM ---1. Does it work with SMF 1.1.x? I couldn't find any indication on this.

--- End quote ---
It does not, I removed all support for SMF 1.1 in the code.  You are welcome to fork it and provide backwards capabilities though.  SMF 2.0 is the stable line while 1.1 is the obsolete.  We are still patching SMF 1.1 for security issues, but otherwise 2.0 is the main stable branch.

--- Quote from: Paracelsus on December 07, 2011, 05:10:07 AM ---2. I doubt this bridge will be able to work with MW 1.18, since they've changed the hook $user->setupSession(); to wfSetupSession();. Maybe you'll want tho change this piece of code:

--- Code: ---// Go ahead and log 'em in
--- End code ---

--- End quote ---
Ok, I opened up an issue report on it.  When I get time, I will look into this:
I think thats one of my notes I had wrote down though for upgrading our wiki to the new release.

--- Quote from: Paracelsus on December 07, 2011, 05:10:07 AM ---3. Does this bridge accepts "strange characters" like á à § ç ã on the username? (the last bridge didn't accept them)

--- End quote ---
If MW supports it, the bridge should.  My memory from the time of setting up the wiki here, says that by default MediaWiki is using latin1 tables and not utf8.  So to support them you should just have to convert the wiki to utf8.

Excellent news! Thanks for this  ;D

I don't think it's as simple as "just converting the wiki to utf8", since my wiki is 100% utf8 and it sitll doesn't accept those characters in the username (though I'm using the "old" bridge, so I don't know if it's a bridge or MW thing).

It's a pity that the bridge doesn't work for 1.1.x but I understand your point.

There shouldn't be to much work in getting to work on the older version.  Mostly if not all should be just changing the database fields to match SMF 1.1 fields.  I think all the other code should support 1.1 just fine.

I haven't heard any complaints from our international users about this.  However SMF I know makes sure to set the character settings when it first starts up.  So if it isn't working, its most likely because the connection to the SMF database is using latin and needs the query to tell it to read as utf8.  Something such as:

--- Code: --- SET NAMES utf8

--- End code ---

Would need to be ran after the connection to the SMF database is made.  I am not 100% sure though, my expertise in character sets is not the best :D


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