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So, when you say "subcategory," do you include subforums with subforums of their own?  My forum has a lot of nested forums, and I just did a test run of the converter, and none of the nested forums were copied at all.  I got my parent categories, the main forums under the categories, but no child forums below that.

None of my "1st tier" subforums are category objects, but all of them have children of their own.

Is it possible for me to get a database dump of your current phpBB3 install so that I can debug this?

Here ya go.

Ok I got the file.  I removed it.  Wouldn't want other people to be messing with your data and get other info.

Ok use this convert.php;topic=140741.0;attach=47701 and select UTF-8 as the charset.  Also I updated the .sql file in the first post.


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