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with original files (;software=snitz) works perfectly

Thank you! ;)

I am trying to migrate my Snitz forum to SMF and I would say I am 95% successful, just a couple of issues I'd like to figure out how to fix. It has to do with a difference in how Snitz and SMF interpret the URL tag. I had a mod on my snitz forum which allowed users to do file uploads which would then automatically post a URL link to it in their message. The format it used was:

--- Code: ---[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] <b>Download Attachment:</b>
18.29 KB
--- End code ---

SMF doesn't interpret the URL tag the same way, it doesn't like the double quotes after the url= so the link to the attachment doesn't work.  Also a more minor issue is the img link to the paperclip doesn't work either, it doesn't understand relative links to images and tries to link to the image as if it was a domain name. 

Also sometimes users would post a URL link to another post on the forum. Would it be possible to get the converter to detect links on the old forum (such as forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1234) and automatically convert it to the new forum equivalent (in my case community/index.php?topic=1234.0)?

Is there anyway to modify the conversion script to automatically deal with this issue?

About the URL format of uploads: a little mod could be made, for SMF to interpret them as well. The relevant code is in parse_bbc() (Sources/Subs.php).
About the links rewriting, I think a solution would be a .htaccess file which would rewrite on the fly exactly as you say, the URL with topic.asp into one SMF-like v- that is, would redirect the user to the new one, when he/she clicks on the old one. (assuming your server runs Apache or something accepting .htaccess files and mod_rewrite is enabled)

Hi. Struggling to see what I need to do to convert my Snitz 3.4 to SMF. I have downloaded convert.php (the original post in this thread leads to a loop but I found it elsewhere on this board. I have no information on preparation or whether I can do this offline as it's an Access database.

Here are my current params:

Snitz 3.4.03
Access DB
55,000 posts of which 39,000 are archived
941 members
PM mod

Not much else really, a couple of small mods eg image resizing.

Because it is an Access DB is it worth me unarchiving the posts first and if so how?  Thanks in advance for any help.

I used DPRU Database Converter - MS SQL to MySQL to convert my Snitz 3.4.07 MS SQL DB. I then used the convert.php from the first msg in this topic and the sql-file from SleePy (page2 of this topic:

First I got all kinds of errors but then I realized I had to use a v1 version of SMF, I now use Upgrading to v2 will be another project :)

EDIT: After analyzing more I found that rows were missing and that the Converter software for ms to mysql wasn't doing it's job correctly. I switched to this product - [nonactive] - and now I got everyhing converted.


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