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Unwanted users are logging in on my website and Posting

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Hi team,

My website is On my website many unwanted users logs and add theirs posts and looks like a SPAM.

Please help me to stop them adding unwanted posts and login

I am loosin my reputation because of this...

I am deletin almost 100s of their posts daily..

Badly need helpppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Make sure your captcha pic is medium or harder, have a good question targeted at your users, also I use honey pot, stop spam(I think that's what it's called and bad behavior)

Lawrence Wright:
Creating forum questions will prevent a lot of bot registrations, and using plugins like StopForumSpam and ProjectHoneyPot will pick up on the known spammer IPs. What anti-spam modules are you running?

it does not look as a spam. they are registerring and then adding their posts which is irrelevant on my forum.

My website is

members name will be like dfsasnfdf

I have added bad behavior, but with no use :(

Please Help!!!!

Thanks and Rgds,
Mithun Jain

1- there is no need to keep posting your site.   Doing that could be considered spam.
2- users registering and then posting content unrelated...   is spam.
3- add "human questions", bad behavior+HttpBL and stop spammer.
4- require posts by new users to be moderated/approved.


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