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How to switch hosts? - Help Needed

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--- Quote from: Gazmanafc on April 08, 2008, 10:09:34 PM ---How do I move my SMF board to a different host?

We do have our own documentation on how to move to a new host. :P

--- End quote ---

Which, with all due respect, need some updating. Especially the restoration of the backup part :)

Use Repair_settings.php to adjust all paths and database settings (Just about everything will have changed, and its easiest to use that tool to get started)

I have followed all steps very carefully and only show a blank page where the forum should be.  I have changed the database name, password and paths in the Settings.php.  Still no forum showing up.

Where do I find the above-mentioned Repair_settings.php? 

Nevermind.  I found it.


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