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Ray Cardillo:
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This modification enhances polling to allow voters to be displayed for those needing to organize and record the results of polls.  For example, when organizing a group event, friends are often curious about how other friends voted.  Likewise, the secretary of an organization might need to be able to record the results of certain polls (who voted for what).  In addition, some polls might want to allow (or require) comments for certain responses.  With this modification, each poll can be configured to allow various levels of voter visibility and comment requirements, and then the voter log can be viewed by those who are allowed to see them based on the configured voter visibility.

This mod has been well received and well tested in several very active forums.  Anyone who needs these features cannot imagine life without it.  If you install it and do not like something, please take a few minutes and tell me why in the support forum.  I will most certainly pay attention to your feedback.

Main Features
* Voter Visibility and Comment Requirements can be specified when creating a new poll.
* Voter Visibility can be set to:
* PUBLIC - Everyone can see the voter log for the poll.
* DISCREET - Only the creator and admins can see the voter log for the poll.
* PRIVATE - Only admins can see the voter log for the poll.
* Comments can be optional or required depending upon the vote choice or option selected.

Other Notes
* This mod is most likely not compatible with other mods that significantly change poll behavior (e.g., multiple polls mods).
* Visibility cannot be changed once the poll is created because that is too sensitive an operation.  Members may vote differently if they know their vote will be PUBLIC versus PRIVATE and changing visibility without their consent would be a violation of the trust communicated when they first voted.
* Guests that are allowed to post polls cannot specify DISCREET voter visibility because there is no originating account associated with the poll.
* When comments are available, there is only one comment block available for the vote because that is sufficient most users.
* The Vote Log results table is a javascript sortable table created by Christian Bach and known as tablesorter 2.0.

Release Notes
* 1.00 - The initial release candidate.
* 1.01 - Small bug fixes discovered during the mod approval process.

* Addressed feedback provided by the mod approval team.
* Fixed a bug relating to guest voting features.
* 1.02 - Bugs fixes for issues reported by users in the support forum.

* Fixed errors being reported relating to polls that do not allow comments.
* Fixed add polls so that the visibility can be set when adding a poll to an existing topic.
* Upgraded tablesorter and jQuery to latest stable releases.
* 2.0 - Redefining version labeling scheme so package manager can see the updates.
* 2.1 - Updated to be compatible with latest SMF and other minor updates

* Added support for 2.0.9-2.0.11 (only verified against 2.0.11).
* Updated jQuery library to latest stable release.
* Corrected visibility label from "DISCRETE" to "DISCREET".
* Changed default visibility level to PUBLIC based on user feedback.

License agreement

* By using this software, you agree to be bound by the license agreement.
* A copy of the license is included in the license.txt file at the root of the installation package.
* Simple Machines® is authorized to distribute this modification on and any other medium.

Donationware Notice - Support Local Roller Derby

* This modification was created by Ray Cardillo (aka Mr. Mighty) of Cardillo's Creations LLC and Mr. Mightys Fine Designs in the spirit of helping the Roller Derby community in general, and more specifically The Quadfathers men's roller derby league and the Men's Roller Derby Association.
* The suggested contribution is $20 to each but any donation is better than nothing.  Go see a game, or help a local league, but please try to contribute something.  These modifications take time to create, improve, and support.  Anything you donate will help motivate future development and will be greatly appreciated by the leagues.

Make A Contribution Using These Links

* Contribute to The Quadfathers
The Quadfathers are a league from the Mohawk Valley area of Central New York (my home town and my initial foray into the world of Roller Derby).  It's not a big city so fund-raising can be difficult.  Anything you send will be greatly appreciated!
* Contribute to the Men's Roller Derby Association
The Roller Derby community is very open and accepting, promotes volunteerism, and inspires grass roots efforts with strong community ties.  Send a few dollars their way if that's the type of world you want to live in!  :)

very nice mod

german(-utf8). translation

--- Code: ---// Begin Poll Vote Visibility Display strings
$txt['poll_vv_opt'] = 'Abstimmungsergebnisse anzeigen';
$txt['poll_vv_opt_ro'] = '(nur lesen)';
$txt['poll_vv_opt_public'] = 'ÖFFENTLICH';
$txt['poll_vv_opt_discrete'] = 'DISKRET';
$txt['poll_vv_opt_private'] = 'PRIVAT';
$txt['poll_vv_opt_public_txt'] = 'Jedem Benutzer ist es möglich die Abstimmungsergebnisse aufzurufen';
$txt['poll_vv_opt_discrete_txt'] = 'Nur der Ersteller kann die Abstimmungsergebnisse aufrufen (Administratoren natürlich auch)';
$txt['poll_vv_opt_private_txt'] = 'Nur Administratoren können die Abstimmungsergebnisse aufrufen';
$txt['poll_vv_vlog_empty'] = 'Auf diese Umfrage wurde noch nicht abgestimmt.';
$txt['poll_vv_vlog_title'] = 'Abstimmungslog';
$txt['poll_vv_vlog_button'] = 'zeige Abstimmungen';
$txt['poll_vv_vlog_for'] = 'Antworten auf %1$se Umfrage:';
$txt['poll_vv_vlog_th_tstamp'] = 'Datumsstempel';
$txt['poll_vv_vlog_th_member'] = 'Mitglied';
$txt['poll_vv_vlog_th_choicenum'] = 'Auswahl';
$txt['poll_vv_vlog_th_choicelbl'] = 'Auswahllabel';
$txt['poll_vv_vlog_th_comment'] = 'Kommentar';
$txt['poll_vv_vlog_err_discrete'] = 'Die Abstimmungsergebnisse sind nicht sichtbar, da die Umfrage im Status DISKRET läuft. Da Du nicht der Ersteller der Umfrage bist, hast Du nicht die Möglichkeit die Abstimmungsergebnisse zu sehen (oder Du benötigst Administratorrechte).';
$txt['poll_vv_vlog_err_private'] = 'Die Abstimmungsergebnisse stehen nur den Administratoren zur Verfügung. Die Umfrage hat den Status PRIVAT.';
$txt['poll_vv_vlog_vote_warning'] = 'Status der Umfrage: %1$s; %2$s';
$txt['poll_vv_vlog_guest_or_unknown'] = '(Gast oder Ex-Mitglied)';
$txt['poll_vv_shwcmt_opt'] = 'Erlaube Kommentare zu dieser Umfrage';
$txt['poll_vv_reqcmt_opt'] = 'benötigt Kommentar für';
$txt['poll_vv_reqcmt_warn'] = '(Kommentar erforderlich)';
$txt['poll_vv_cmt_label'] = 'Kommentar';
$txt['poll_vv_cmt_missing_required'] = 'Du musst einen Kommentar zur Auswahloption %1$d: "%2$s" schreiben.';
// End Poll Vote Visibility Display strings

--- End code ---

Nice mod :)

Ray Cardillo:
Thanks for the positive feedback!  Please help me try to "spread the word" and tell people about this mod.  I think every SMF admin would want to install it once they see it in action.  Everyone can benefit from it, but I would think that these features are absolutely essential for any admin who is running a forum for a local organization, volunteer group, sports team, etc.  For example, a secretary must be able to easily record official committee votes without everyone seeing them, sometimes members want to publicly plan a group event and see who else is attending, comments can be used to provide more info or maybe to state what you are bringing to a party, and the list goes on.

Even though there aren't any other mods that provide all of these features I think it's difficult to get visibility.  I tried cross posting to a few relevant threads, but I don't really want to start spamming.  So I'm hoping interest will grow organically by word of mouth.  :)

@ Ray the one way you have forgotten for getting word out regarding the mod is by placing a link in your signature.


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