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Since there are no hacks or bridges for integrating Joomla 1.5.x & SMF 2 RC2.

I would like to if there is a Registration Module for SMF 2 that can be displayed in Joomla Registration Module Position.

I would prefer the user to register in my SMF forum.

Did you ask in the joomla support forum? Maybe they can help with their end of this.

Or, if you can add (I used joomla for a small bit) a php "block" type thing, like the portals here, make a custom PHP block and read up on this:
SSI Readme

purnenduchauhan, is this issue resolved now? Moving to Joomla Bridge Support board...

you can build your own module in Joomla using the SMF SSI functions.

We can not build one or distribute one officially because of the licensing issues with Joomla's GPL.

jFusion 2.0 will be coming out soon and it is probably the best Joomla bridge out there.  However it only support SMF 1.x now, and version 2.0 could be a while.


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