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Where are the visitor logs ?

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Forum version: SMF 1.1.16

How can I view the visitors right logs (not only the error logs )  and / or the boards visited. etc. ?

Tnaks in advance !


For guests, SMF only logs their IP address, what they're currently viewing (or attempting to view) and the time of that particular action.

For regular members, SMF does log which topics/boards they've read, but only for the purpose of determining which content is "new" for that person.

Thanks a lot for your quick answer... this is JUST what I need to watch... BUT WHERE ?

You can see what current visitors are doing by clicking on the text indicating how many users/guests are online at the bottom of the page. However, SMF does not display information about what users have or haven't read.

Hi !
Thanks for your help, but what I am seeing as Admin and clicking on "more stats" are stats and not the logs about visitors triyng to log in to reserved boards !!!


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