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So it appears that current themes built to work with 1.1.4 and older do not work with 2.0. I have three highly custom themes that I paid to have done for me. I'm also using TinyPortal along with those themes. I'm assuming at this point I'll need to have those themes rewritten in order to work with 2.0?


I can tell you that TinyPortal will not work with SMF2 for a while, at least probably until the RC releases. All mods and themes will have to be updated to work with SMF2.

Why no backwards compatibility with themes, mods or TP? Isn't this going to cause havoc with people that have custom themes? It's going to cost me big time to have all my themes reworked. Either that or basically I can never upgrade to 2.0. I don't get the reasoning.

There's no backwards compatibility because the changes particularly in the sources for the database optimisation are too large. And for themes, practically every language string has been renamed (but the upgrader can take care of that for you) as well as a large number of new features having gone in.

Because making the software continually compatible with previous versions themes would stagnate development. If developers couldn't break any functions, change any menu layouts or adjust...well...anything.. on the front end, then they wouldn't be able to improve the software.

1.1 will continue to work, and security issues will continue to be patched for a while yet. If you want the new features of 2.0, you'll have to accept that you will need a new/reworked theme!


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