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Wheres the function?

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Here is a list of pages I just can nto find a function for even with the "$db_show_debug = true;" trick

Can I add it to a template somehow?

--- Code: ---?action=admin;area=viewmembers;sa=all;

--- End code ---

Try this tool to find such strings - Fileseek, you can use search function in Notepad++ to search for text strings in multiple files.

Also for e.g, your first link

--- Code: ---?action=admin;area=viewmembers;sa=all;
--- End code ---

While searching it try it as

--- Code: ---?action=admin;area=viewmembers;sa=all
--- End code ---
(without semi colon at the end)

Where am I searching this stuff. In the respective template files?

Also i realize that most of those functions rely on common function like generic list and show_list but i need add stuff around them.

It would probably help if we knew what you were trying to achieve.

Without trying to give away to much of my secret new theme...

I want to put a div around the content without editing the templates used on many pages such as show_list

sample ex.


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