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Add a switch to turn off the "Latest Packages"

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Well I was thinking I'd use it myself. :D Those pages have been annoying me for ages, but I don't visit them enough for me to have bothered doing anything about it so far. It's so easy to write though.

Also, I just checked those images that SMF is serving on those two pages. That's bonkers. They should be in the default theme's images folder. It'd cut a lot of requests to the servers. I just downloaded the two png's and ran them through PNGGauntlet to see if I could get better compression. Check the screenshot results for the Smileys image. :D

I'll write the thing if you like.

Matthew K.:
Go for it then :)

I sure would, Lab.

I'd need it for v1.1.6 as well, though. ;)

Matthew K.:
Looks like Antechinus is going to write it, which is completely fine with me. Let me know if you decide not to though, Ant, then I can squeeze it in my schedule and throw it out :P

Yeah, while I don't mind you guys writing a mod, I'd rather see this as a core switch in a next version.

You see, not only the users that know much about mods have issues with this box. There's lots of websites that don't even use mods, or don't want to use them.


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