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Nice Kitty

I think we have a system we can work with. :)

I'm kinda assuming that Yankglish is actually in more common use, around the world, now, than "proper" English is, sadly. ;)

So, having things in that "language" is, probably, for the best.

But, of course, it's entirely unnatural, for me, to use that. Heck, I don't even know how you spell some words!

So, "correcting" that kinda thing is an obvious thing to do and I have no problem, with that, at all.

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Angelina Belle:
Correct british grammar is also OK by me.
British spelling probably should be OK, too.

("the dog's bollux", or "chuffed" are not grammar issues, but slang/idiom that wouldn't be understood worldwide)

what do you call the British equiv. of our high schools?

You know, I'm not too sure, now.

Just "Secondary" schools, I'd guess.

From age eleven to about sixteen?

Infants and juniors are "Primary", so I guess "Secondary" covers the next level. After that, it's college, uni and all that stuff.

I'm guessing that there exists, somewhere an "International English" standard, somewhere. ISO, perhaps?

Still, as long as we stuck with "Understandable English", all'll be good, methinks, ay?

(I won't type Cockney, which is my native tongue. Although, a "Rhyming slang" language pack could be fun to try and work on.) ;)

Angelina Belle:
So just "Good Grammer", then.

Cockney? Still call us yanks "Septic"?


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