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[Develop] Extra top/side Drag & Drop Menu with menu manager

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Looks nice!!!.... great idea

Matthew K.:
Maybe look at Menu Editor Lite? And the plans for Pro...

Matthew K.:
Even my Menu Editor Lite can add new buttons, modify existing buttons, or remove buttons. It's powerful, and it's the lite version.

My pro version is a decent way into development, it's mainly time to iron out the bugs, rewrite the code that's old, and add a couple of new features. The pro version will be able to do anything you could think of for a menu. Furthermore, you will be able to modify some of the menu items inline using AJAX and no page loads.

Matthew K.:
So this isn't for the SMF main menu? It's a separate menu? Many functions for modifying the menu will be completed via AJAX in the pro version of my modification.ß


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