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Google returns strange result re: my SMF board


Google returns this strange result when googling my SMF forum:

(see attached pic)

I say strange because:
1. Multiple google 'hits'
2. the word 'Index" & "No new posts" in my main "" result
3. the words "home" "login" "register" "1post" "last post" in some returns
3. the very bottom result includes some of my threads (this is GOOD!) but google returns this under a post title!

Its basically a mess ...
I have a standard robots.txt file in place, and included a description of my site in the description field in the forum. (this is shown in the "" result)
Can anyone offer any advice?

You can't control google, I have tried. ;)

For example...

I use google webmaster tools to try and control our sitelinks.

Google webmaster tools has a page that lets you demote a sitelink URL.

--- Quote ---If you don't want a page to appear as a sitelink, you can demote it.
--- End quote ---

Even though I have had some of our sitelink URL's demoted for years I still see them show up every now and then in google.

You don't mention what version of SMF nor which mods you have installed...

Since I have never seen google results like that, I can only assume that you are using an old version and/or some special mods which make that a popular page for google to find.


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