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RC1 is no longer miles away!

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The latest dev blog item by Sleepy is

Why ask about RC2 when RC1 is an absolute mess still.

Because RC2 should fix issues in RC1.
Thats how our versioning works. Beta 1 through 4, RC1, RC2, RC3?, RC4???? 2.0 Final.

The only reason we had RC1-1 was to patch security issues.  We don't usually do a dashed version.
Eg we do not do RC1-1, RC1-2, RC1-3

I have about had it with 2.0 been trying to get the upgrade ready for members despite a certain tech help ( nameless due to being smf staff) who is never there.

Thankfully we have a 1.1.9 backup still so once I find a suitable theme (if there is one) then I will be going back to 1.1.9

It's well-known that 2.0 isn't ready for the big time yet. If your site is mission-critical, you should still be using 1.1.9


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