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RC1 is no longer miles away!

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The latest dev blog item by Sleepy is

Old Fossil:
Why ask about RC2 when RC1 is an absolute mess still.

Because RC2 should fix issues in RC1.
Thats how our versioning works. Beta 1 through 4, RC1, RC2, RC3?, RC4???? 2.0 Final.

The only reason we had RC1-1 was to patch security issues.  We don't usually do a dashed version.
Eg we do not do RC1-1, RC1-2, RC1-3

Old Fossil:
I have about had it with 2.0 been trying to get the upgrade ready for members despite a certain tech help ( nameless due to being smf staff) who is never there.

Thankfully we have a 1.1.9 backup still so once I find a suitable theme (if there is one) then I will be going back to 1.1.9

It's well-known that 2.0 isn't ready for the big time yet. If your site is mission-critical, you should still be using 1.1.9


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