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I didn't say they should, I said you might as well, since they cope if you haven't made a theme suited for their medium.

Point is..using the same basic layout as Curve itself, which is built upon having enough screen real estate and certainly not touch-based, is a poor solution.

青山 素子:

--- Quote from: Akyhne on December 15, 2011, 02:00:11 PM ---A mobile theme shouldn't scale at all.

--- End quote ---

No, they should.

I hate when I try to browse a "mobile" website on my phone and it's small because they designed for an iPhone resolution, and I can't zoom because the idiots locked out the zoom option (meta content with initial-scale, maximum-scale, and user-scalable). It makes it very difficult to read the site and I usually blacklist it in my mind. This is especially nasty on my tablet, since I then get a thin bar in the center of the screen. Usually these same jokers don't provide an option to go to the "desktop" site and lock out the mobile redirect.

Made correctly, you don't need scaling.

You should inspire on Tapatalk, since many of our users use it to access the forum on their mobiles... and they never get tired to tell me how much they love Tapatalk, they feel really happy to be able to browse and post throughout the forum using this app (so they must be doing something right).

Joshua Dickerson:

--- Quote from: Akyhne on December 15, 2011, 03:40:20 PM ---Made correctly, you don't need scaling.

--- End quote ---
That's why there are so many sites that look terrible on smaller screens... people don't understand that isn't just a different device, it is a different media. I don't want to see all of the details of a post on my phone. I want to see what matters. I am not going to try to moderate a forum on a 4" screen while on a train but I might want to read what my friends are talking about.


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