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Thank you for this mod guys!

But what about Members List? Will you update mode in order to make new columns with new Social Media links?

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Thanks for a nice mod :)

Just a quick question: Would it be possible to have social profile links show to guests as well? Can I set this anywhere? The URL is shown and I think social profile links should behave similar to that

BAD idea...   if guests can see that sort of info, then you get all sorts of harvesters

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I can appreciate the argument, but most people link to public profiles at social network, so the possible damage seems limited to me?

I think it should be an option to have social profile links have same visibility as SMF profile website URL link.

Anyhow, no biggie, I am happy as it is of course :)

Hey Everyone,

I just started using this package and I am using it on my test site, the social icons are displaying as a vertical list in the forum threads in stead of a horizontal list (see picture) thoughts? I have been unsuccessful at finding a solution. The icons display properly in the members profile.



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