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Two small language string use related bugs for multilingual SMF

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I was afraid the the way SUBJECT is defined should need quite some reworking to work ideally also in PM notification emails.

That's accepted, a compromise between ideal and code.

Okay, now (after looking at the code) I'm a bit confused... :P

agridoc, would you mind try this change and see if it fixes the issue?

In Post.php

--- Code: (find) --- $langloaded = loadLanguage('EmailTemplates', empty($rowmember['lngfile']) || empty($modSettings['userLanguage']) ? $language : $rowmember['lngfile'], false);
--- End code ---

--- Code: (replace with) --- $langloaded = loadLanguage('index', empty($rowmember['lngfile']) || empty($modSettings['userLanguage']) ? $language : $rowmember['lngfile'], false);
--- End code ---

--- Code: (find) --- // Sent!
$smcFunc['db_query']('', '
--- End code ---

--- Code: (add before) --- loadLanguage('index', $user_info['language']);
--- End code ---

Idea behind: the EmailTemplate is already loaded in loadEmailTemplate, while $txt['regards_team'] is in index or in Post (and in the development version ago I removed it from Post a while because I considered it a duplicate...but now I'm wondering if I broke something else... ::) ...oh let's see, beta are for testing! :P), so...this line should take care of reloading other strings not present in EmailTemplate (i.e. regards_team).

And of course the second bit is to reload the user's language at the end...

Let me know! ;D

Well done emanuele   ;)

Team regards in recipient's language, no errors in log.


I'm going to apply to the devel version, thanks for testing.

Keep also the PM subject issue somewhere in your mind. Maybe someday, when you are in the mood, the right flash ...


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