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Mike Bobbitt:
Hi all,

[Edited now that there's a download available]

I've written a script to convert UBB.Classic data (from the UBB exporter addd in 6.7.1) into SMF. You can download the script from:

If you give it a shot and have troubles, just let me know.

What you could do for now is try converting to phpbb then to SMF.

Mike Bobbitt:
Ok, I have a very rough prototype. I think it still has some issues to work out, but if anyone is willing to test it, I'd love the feedback:


If I had access to a free copy of UBB, I'd try that out, but I'm not going to register for a "40 day trial" just to test out a convertor... One suggestion though - you should probably put a note up saying that that's for UBB Classic and not the php-based UBB Threads. This is just to clear up any confusion that people might have since there are two different versions of UBB now.

Mike Bobbitt:
Thanks, good point. :) Yeah, I wouldn't expect anyone to build a forum just to test it out. If anyone does give it a shot, I'd be curious to hear your results. I managed to convert ~3000 users and 70,000 posts and so far all looks well. Still, lots of room for problems. :)



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