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trying to add a count down widget to the main index pg of my forum

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as my title says, i'm trying to add a widget found here;

to my forum found here;

i'd like it either in the 'news' area' or to replace the smf logo in the top right.
i'm not adverse to having an 'ad' type box tho-

yes, i am new-- thanks for reading this & if it's been spelled out in the documentation, link me? thx!

Instead of messing with your forum template the simplest way (non-coding way) would be to add a mod like Simpleportal and then add the widget to a HTML block in the position you want it.

You don't need to use all the Simpleportal blocks, you could disable all the others that you don't need. Then if at anytime you don't want to show the widget then it could be turned on and off at will. You would also retain your logo and news section.

I'll have to look into that on monday (my day off)
Thanks for the suggestion!

i tried to install the simpleportal mod & got an error when running the test

4.   Replace   ./Sources/Subs.php   Test failed

I"m running smf 2.0.2

Hi Adapa

The following link will help. It is the mods parser.

The test failed generally means a manual edit is required for some reason ie a conflict with another mod.

For any further help with the mod please use the support topic HERE

Or visit ( link is in my signature).


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