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Limit A Guests Daily PageViews Mod

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Jade Elizabeth:
Oh yeah. Well that's crap then lol.

How can I remove the info from the <title> ?

Sorry, SSimple Team not supported in English language at the moment.
In We are looking for partners with this language to provide better support to all.
Thanks for understanding.


I want a option that enables this mod when I have more than particular number of guests in my forum online, Say it gets enable when I have more than 250 guests and when number of guests get less than 250 then again it gets disable............... I need this option and i know it's possible if any one will help me................ Please help................

I have a question on this one.

Is there any negative effect on Search engines by limiting guests to daily page views? By negative, I ONLY mean to get your site banned because of this, considering that you treat spiders the same way as guests (= without blocking spiders).

Sorry if it's a simple question, but I wanted it to know before installing this mod.


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