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Mod (Modification) not showing after installation?

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--- Quote from: Illori on September 25, 2011, 06:56:24 AM ---looks like an issue with your language strings, but you are best to post in the mods support thread.

--- End quote ---

I would but that would be to almost every mod that I've ever tried, because this happens on all of them.  Is there a way to get some generalized help on this, so that I can ask for help one time, instead of 100 in 100 different mod threads?

well you dont tell us what mods you have installed, nor can most of us tell by that screenshot what the mod may be due to the lack of language strings. check your error log and see where that takes you.

Here's a screenshot of the mods that I have installed, some of which are giving me the blank entries....

I have tried many, many more mods that aren't on this list - I usually uninstall/delete them because of this - so I'd like to be able to use more mods...

Just a hunch. I suspect GarbledURLs might be your problem.

That's just a hunch, though.

I get what your suggestion in the original post is all about.  But my theme doesn't have a place where I can place the code from the Mod page.  If I open the page it says to place the code in in the default theme, I find that the installer put the code right where it should be.  But there's no corresponding page in my theme to change.  Does that mean I am just out of luck???


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