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Drupal 7 and SMF 2.x - any bridge?

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Do you know any bridge module for Drupal 7 and SMF 2.x?

Please - let me know your opinion,


Not at this time


Maybe it is easy to modify old "smfforum" bridge files -

What do you think about it?

Since that is not an official bridge (form SMF's point of view) I have not even looked at it

That ultimately leads to to get the package...

But perhaps you should, it's in violation of the licence. (On multiple counts, specifically that it's redistributing a modified form of the SMF API file which wasn't BSD until sometime after 1.1.6 - the file lists itself as 1.1.4 and does not include any mention of the BSD licence; they're distributing the SMF licence document with it; the subs file mentioned has a decent chunk of $smcFunc included in it which looks at first glance as if it's a literal copy/paste job from 2.0's Load.php where it declares the string functions)


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