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images align="middle" question

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Problem: the images attribute align="middle" seems to align the font bottom line to the vertical middle. So if the image is small it looks still as if the text is aligned to the top.

Question: can it be done that the optical look is really in the middle? And can it be done browserproof?

It works properly in Firefox.

This was one of those problems I told you about with not having them just be images, but you insisted.


I am sure it works somehow. Maybe I try out sub-tables.

P.S. I knew this problem already when I wanted texts and images separated! 

Another idea: can the text not be lifted up/down by single pixels by some css styles?

Peter Duggan:
You can specify negative margins, but that can lead to things colliding if folk resize the text and you've used absolute units like pixels instead of relative ones like ems!


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