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I have a forum that has had a bunch post deleted.  I have a downloaded backup from the Admin screen.  How do I restore from the backup?

Backups from the admin panel are 99% of the time corrupt. But if it's not corrupt, just download it, go to phpmyadmin and import the sql file. ;) Perhaps this might help you out:

That is not what I wanted to hear!!  I was thinking I was doing good making the backups!!  Having the host do it is not cheap.

Just to clarify, it's the SMF Admin backups which are usually bad (corrupted or incomplete). Unfortunately, the developers have no interest in fixing the backup function (or removing it). You need to use your host's backup (see phpMyAdmin or whatever they offer for backup and restore functions). Normally there is no charge for doing this.

Any decent host should have utilities (such as phpMyAdmin) to allow you to restore a backed up database. SMF cannot restore its database -- you need to use phpMyAdmin or the equivalent. Unless you have a huge database, in which case phpMyAdmin may time out, you should be able to handle backups and restores yourself. If your database is too big, talk to your host about installing various database utilities that can handle huge backups and restores, or just break up the task into smaller pieces (as small as one table at a time).

The issue is the host only shows one backup available and it is not old enough.  They can pull a diferent file but that is going to cost. 

It would be nice if SMF would at least let us know that it does not work.  I thought I was doing good making backups.  If I had known this, I would have been making backups on the host CP.   >:( 


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