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I sit here posting from the Kettle Restaurant in Tucson, Arizona, just 2 1/2 hours before I am to board my flight from here to Dallas Fort Worth, where i will have a four hour layover and then fly the 2 hours home to detroit.

I've had a lot of good and bad times here but i walk away with no regrets.

Alas it is time for the Meeting of the Minds to draw to a close.

Who knew that a longstanding dream of the founders of the project would finally come to light, and so successfully?  There were bumps in the road but in the end, I feel strongly that this will only make SMF stronger, and while i can't discuss specifics.. there are some very nice things in the works at this moment in terms of the future of SMF and everyone involved with it, from anyone who uses SMF all the way up to the project management of SMF.

Some questioned the need for this meeting but Now that i've experienced it i feel strongly that it was something that was necessary, and so it was.  The comraderie built by many team members in the last week is immense -- something that will stick around (hopefully) as we continue our endeavors to make SMF an even better software.

I want to personally thank everyone who contributed to make this meeting possible, as it is definitely an event which will affect every aspect of SMF for the forseeable future

SMF as a community has done so much for me,  as a member, as a charter member, as a team member, and as a team leader.  It showed me that i still have a long way to go to achieve my goals.  It incited me to go back to school, to learn and grow, which will end up being reciprocated into SMF in the coming future. 

Enough babbling though, i'll save the sappy stuff for another blog entry.  I intend to post them more often now.  One thing i can say was discussed is public presence, and i feel that i've shut myself away from the community.  I wish to reverse this trend and work within the community to better SMF.

*raises drink* to SMF!

Joshua Dickerson:
Melodramatic geek.

Jade Elizabeth:

--- Quote from: groundup on January 06, 2008, 03:56:22 PM ---Melodramatic geek.

--- End quote ---

okay that made me laugh out loud, lol now mum wants to know whats so funny.

im glad you feel it was needed. cause all we got was news on the excursions (american translation=field trips) and were thinking you guys are just having fun i guess. we dunno what was talked about- we know there were meetings but we dunno about the you know :P.

I agree with your points BlackMage. It was nice to meet you as well as all the rest of the team. It really has made things feel more humanistic, getting to know the members of the team are actual humans and not just blurbs of text on the screen being processed by a bot.

I have built stronger friendships with many of the members and at some point I would like to get a few of the members that live fairly close to me for a little get together, where we could discuss some business, but it would probably be more for pleasure perhaps. A little informal SMF meeting. :)


--- Quote from: akabugeyes on January 07, 2008, 10:55:42 PM ---getting to know the members of the team are actual humans and not just blurbs of text on the screen being processed by a bot.

--- End quote ---

For some people, being known as a window of interactive text can be a good thing. ;P


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