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How can I change the color of the title for a specific membergroup?

So for example here on SMf, some of the membergroups include SMF friend, Project Manager, Charter Member and so on. On my forum I'd like to change the color of the title for just one of the membergroups that I added. Is this possible, and how can it be achieved?

Thanks! :)

Eliana Tamerin:
Admin CP > Membergroups

Modify the membergroup you wish to add color to.

Next to "Color in online list:" put down the color you want. You can use color names (standard ones, like red, blue, green, etc) or #hex values.

Thanks for your reply, Eliana, but I don't want to change the color in the online list - I already know how to do that.

I'd like to change the color of the title in the actual forum and shows up in member profiles and also in discussion threads.

So for example in your case, I'd like to change the color of "Support Team Apprentice" ;)

Jade Elizabeth:
Then you need to change it in the online list too :), as thats how it gets its colour. <that will make the colour change throughout the forum.

Thanks, I'll have a look at that mod. ;)


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