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Cloneing/Mirroring My forum

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Whats the best/Quickest way to clone/Mirror an installation of 1.1.11 ... I have a Forum and i want to start another ... the new forum will be on a different topic, So all i need is to clone my current because i want to use the same theme/mods/tweaks, then once up delete all users and posts then make the necessary adjustments needed.

Kill Em All:
There are multiple ways to do this. Probably the best way would just be make a back up of your currently live forum's database, copy every forum file and paste them in a new directory. Then upload your database that you just backed up then just give it a different name, then connect the forum to it by changing the Settings.php. or you can run the repair_settings.php.
What is repair_settings.php?

Sorry for to bump this old topic, but i have this question for many month inside me.

The way sounds logical to me. but ...

...when i delete the (existing) members in the cloned-forum, probably it is possible that they have no entrance in the old one?

or it is not important, because i changed the name from the SQL-database?

please open a separate topic for your issue, and please dont bump old topics.


(All i wanted was, that other members when they search a problem like this, that they have the information in ONE topic, not in hundred...)


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