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Sounds lovely.

And now -- can you replace "unread replies" with "watched topics"?

Why? Unread replies is exactly what they are.

Because sometimes I'd like to be notified about new replies to topics I've never replied to.
Other times, I'd like to STOP being notified about replies to long-lived topics I no longer care about (like mod support threads I offered support on once, a long time ago).

A general "new replies on watched topics" along with a "set watch when I reply" setting (default) would satisfiy "unread replies to topics I've posted in", allow me to stop watching topics, and a "watch this topic" would allow me to set a watch on topics I've never replied to.

It's just more general. Wikis do watches (there's a setting to automatically watch topics/documents when you hit the "submit" button).

I'd be curious as to which of the two approaches would be more resource-intensive.

Oh that. I thought it was another minor grumble about language strings. We get a lot of those. :D

If you want new functionality, something like what you just posted makes things a lot clearer.

Do you think that sort of rather dramatic change is feasible? Any idea if it would be good or bad for performance?


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