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Desperately need help... mutiple backgrounds, editing header.


Ruddy Kitty:
So I'm testing out a theme called Raker, which I got from here:

I am trying to take the theme from where it is currently, in the first picture, to the second picture.

This means I'd have to have TWO floating div backgrounds fixed but repeating vertically, as well as adjusting the header to the same width as the main forum, AND add a custom bottom image to the header to round the corners. I also would like to reposition the logo so it's not so close to the edge of the header.

I've uploaded the two background pictures as well as the curved bottom piece that will be at the bottom of the header.

I'm having one heck of a time doing this and trying to get this to work. I desperately need some help.

So... help please?

Why not ask Crip, over on that site?

I'm sure he'd be only to happy to help.

After all, he made the theme. So, he'll know far more about it than we do. :)

Ruddy Kitty:
That would be splendid!

...except that he is asking me to make him an Admin account and/or pay for the customizations I want.


Well, let's hope you can get the help you need, then.

Way beyond me, I'm afraid. :(


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