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Forum version: SMF 1.0.7
Current SMF version: SMF 1.1.16

Admin > Smileys and Smiley Sets > Add Smiley - Upload New Smiley

Hi, I'm a new Admin to our forum and I'm trying to add a new smiley. It's actually an old one that the prior Admin deleted and I'm trying to add back. I've saved a copy of the .gif to my local computer. I've followed the steps outlined here at SM (all sets, code, tooltip, location) but after I select Save Changes the following is returned:

--- Quote ---The following smiley directories are not writable: default, classic, smilies
--- End quote ---

I'd prefer to add it specifically to the "smilies" directory (which is the current default) but I'm not sure how to make this or any of the others writable. Can someone point me to how to do this?

if you use control panel, for example cpanel
go to file manager, then go to your html_public directory
select the folder, right click, change permission to 755, if still doesn't work, try 777
you can also do this through a ftp client


Just a nudge, here, J...

SMF v1.0.7 is, well, ancient, now. You REALLY ought to consider upgrading to at least v1.1.16. Quite a few of the updates were to plug security holes, too. ;)


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