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Name: Joseph Brennan Fung
Age:  25
Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Quote: or Favorite Quote: Keep smiling: it makes others nervous.
Position: Project Manager
Picture: See attachment

1. Do you have pets? No, although my family has always had several - unfortuntely my girlfriend is allergic. Hypoalergenic pets such as rocks are too boring. And they tend to die on me.
2. What is your favorite color? Green
3. What kind of music do you like? Jazz (both classic & remixed), electronic/ambient. St. Germain is a favourite.
4. What do you do on your free time besides spending time on SMF? Study kung fu, sketch, spend time with my gf, play Dungeons & Dragons when I can find the time.
5. What are your goals/dreams in life? Lifetime "To Do"
6. What got you involved in SMF? To go back though, while I was sick in the hospital for a month in 2001, I became involved with YaBB 1 Gold development, and started working with Jeff Lewis online. In the fall of that year, we began the PHP/MySQL port of YaBB. I can't recall which of us suggested the idea, but that's how we started YaBB SE, which eventually became SMF.
7. Who do you admire? Why? Jackie Chan. His life is amazing, and the impact he's had in cinematography and stunt-action is amazing.
8. Are you into sports?  If so which ones? Yes. Martial arts, Squash, Circus Arts. Oh yeah - and I am a very competetive hockey player spectator.
9. What is your dream job? Owning a company, where I'm also employed to come up with new ideas.
10. What was your first screenname? Ronin - I dropped it after the movie came out as everyone thought I took it from there.
11. Do you have any piercings? Nope, not this week.
12. Are you a lefty/righty or ambidextrous? Right-handed, although I use my cutlery in the wrong hand.
13. Do you have any tattoo's?  If not do you wish/plan to get one? Nope. no real plans, although am open to the idea.
14. Do you have any siblings?  If so how many of each. Yes - two younger sisters.
15. What is your favorite website? http://localhost/ (I'm serious - it's my home page)
16. Do you play computer games?   If so which ones? Yes. Badly and Infrequently. City of Heroes mostly. Yeti Olympics other times.
17. Do you play video game consoles?   Which ones? Yes. Badly and Infrequently: XBox, GameCube and PS2.
18. Are you married or planing to get married? No, but yes I will. Probably within 2 or 3 years.
  a. If so do you have any kids?
  b. How many kids?
19. How many languages do you speak?   If so which ones? Define "speak" :P I'm decent with spoken French, but am rusty, my Chinese is similarly rough, my German and Spanish are also languishing but I've mastered the art of ordering food and asking for directions in English, so I think I can survive :)
20. Do you drink? Yes
21. Do you smoke? Never have, never will.
22. Did you play hookey from class? In high school, more than I should probably admit :) In university, that number became appalling. In my most recent term of school I can honestly say attended less than 5% of my class time inlcuding exam times. Yes I'm a geek and actually calculated it.
22. Do you have a license? Yep.
  a. Do you own a car? Yep.
  b. Have you ever been stopped for speeding? Yep.
23. Do you obtain a good amount of sleep daily? What's this "sleep" thing you speak of? Generally no - I tend to burn the wick at both ends.
24. How do you sleep? Soundly.
25. Have you ever been on an airplane? Yes, way too many times.
26. have you ever broken a bone? Yes.
27. Do you wear jewelry?  If so what jewelry do you wear? Yes, a silver bracelet with a dragon on it, and a gold necklace with a jade monkey on it - both of which were given to me by my father.
28. How do you dress? Depends on whether I'm seeing clients or not. Typically slacks and a dressshirt - no tie.
29. How many keys are on your keyring? 9
30. What time do you go to bed?  What time do you wake up? usually 1am and 6:30am respectively.
31. What's the freakiest thing you have done? Ummm...not sure if it qualifies, but I've a pretty good story about chinese massage parlours, a fake irish man from Jersey, hackey sacks and adult movie video stars. And it's completely decent too ironically enough. :P
32. Do you live alone? Nope - my girlfriend lives with me.
33. How many hours a day do you spend in the computer? None in the computer, about 12 using a computer though.
34. How many hours a day do you spend in SMF? Averages out to between 1 and 2.
35. How about What is your favorite beverage? Coffee, Tea, Soda, Beer, other? Favourite is Coke Classic.
36. What do you hate?   Equipment that doesn't work
37. What do you love?   My family
38. What is your religion? Agnostic
39. What is your hair color? Brown
40. How tall are you? 5'10"
41. How much do you weight? 155lbs
42. What's the feature on SMF you can't live without?
  a. As an administrator? Search for Members
  b. As an end user? Toss Up - Inline Editing or Alt+s posting.

Killer Possum:
Lifetime "To Do" - # Own a straight jacket "

ROFL!!! So what's it like, since you own one now? :P

Agnostic... hmm thanks for finding that word for me :P somebody told me that was Agnostic but i forgot the word  :-X

Which martial arts?

Leipe Po:
1)what O.S do you use?
1.a) if linux, witch distro?

2) whats the first thing that youve coded?

3) is ther stuff in smf that youve coded?
3.a)if so witch parts?

4) do you think hamsters are evil?

5) whats another word for love?

6) whats your basic emotion?(examples: stressed, calm, paranoid, in love, horny)

7) may we know why you were in a hospital for a month?

8) whats the wierdest thing you ever withnessed?

9.a) what kind of car do you own?
9.b) do you have pics of it?

10) do know care-modding?
10.a) you ever done some case modding?
10.b) kan you so some pics of it?

11) if you get married would you line broadcast it on the internet so all the members can also enjoy this histarical moment?

12)whats the best present someone can give you?

13) do you buy or download music?

14) why isnt there a torrent download of smf?(saves alot of bandwith)

15) why isnt this project on sourgeforge?(or how its spelled)

16) how many girlfriend did you have?

17) ever cheated on your love?

18) ever had been cheated by someone you love?

19) whats you favorite dinner?

20) if you can have a pet, what will it be?

21) would you awnser all these questions?


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