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I was hoping someone could guide me how to make these changes.

I want to put a customer logo for my website and it is slightly large in dimensions (because i wanted it that way) but if i put it on the left side, it overlaps the logged in user info and if i put it on the right (replacing the smf logo) , it overlaps the search button.

Is there any way to increase the space assigned so that if the logo is large, these fields would move down slightly, automatically? I am using SMF 2.0.2, default curve theme.

This topic will explain on how to add a header banner to the top of your SMF default theme. If that may work better for you?



Killer Possum:
Have you tried the steps listed in the wiki? -


--- Quote from: Killer Possum on April 12, 2012, 08:51:41 PM ---Have you tried the steps listed in the wiki? -

--- End quote ---

I did but the logo is a bit large so it kind of doesn't fit in there and covers the user information below it.

Killer Possum:
Ah, in that case, open up index.template.php and find (assuming you are using the default theme):

--- Code: (Line 185) ---<img id="smflogo" src="' . $settings['images_url'] . '/smflogo.png" alt="Simple Machines Forum" title="Simple Machines Forum" />

--- End code ---

and replace it with your image.


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