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Calendar events linked to default language?

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As discussed HERE.

Dunno how much of a PITA coding this would be. But, it's something that I thought about, a while back, and promptly forgot about, until I saw Smitch's post.

Seems like a plan, if it can be implemented fairly easily (Which I, somehow, doubt).

I agree, I've experienced this problem too when adding Dutch holidays. But I have no idea how it should be implemented, but perhaps a new file in the language packs that does that?

Or maybe allow users to "import" certain holidays from different countries.

Import them in to a language file, perhaps?

Seems like something worth working on, dunnit?

I never bother with the calendar, to be honest. But, it sure seems worth looking at, at least.

Problem that we have, in the UK, is that some of the holidays aren't static, which might be a nuisance.

Or have a language file for the events/holidays and have SMF parse that one when it gathers the events?

So, you have the English holidays in the English language file, the Dutch holidays in hte Dutch language file or something?


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