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Added something to "Minimum requirements", on the ol' wiki.

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** mod_security should be disabled.
** You should have full ownership (CHOWN) of the files on your site.

We seem to be getting a lot of hassles, lately, because of those.

If I'm wrong, feel free to edit/remove. :)

if the install is done without the use of an automatic installer, they should have full ownership of their files upon install. so that should not really be an issue at the start. it is with some hosts when the server modifies files [for package manager etc] the ownership can get changed.

I agree that they should. But, it seems that some don't.

As those are "Requirements", though, I thought them worth adding.

but no, they would know if there are issues and ask for help. it is not really a requirement like the others.

I realise that they're probably not "HAVE to have". But, I'd sure say that they're "Good to have".


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