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MySQL server has gone away

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What does this mean and how do I fix it?  My site has been really slow for the last ten minutes or so and now I have this error on a white screen.  Please help, I'm panicking.

Edit:  I've just managed to load a page but it's so slow I could brew a cup of tea while it's loading one page....

Another error:
Warning: mysql_real_escape_string() expects parameter 2 to be resource, boolean given in /home/content/28/7418528/html/sabrinova/Sources/Subs-Db-mysql.php on line 139.

Line 139 is the one with sprintf in it:

--- Code: ---switch ($matches[1])
case 'int':
if (!is_numeric($replacement) || (string) $replacement !== (string) (int) $replacement)
smf_db_error_backtrace('Wrong value type sent to the database. Integer expected. (' . $matches[2] . ')', '', E_USER_ERROR, __FILE__, __LINE__);
return (string) (int) $replacement;

case 'string':
case 'text':
return sprintf('\'%1$s\'', mysql_real_escape_string($replacement, $connection));
--- End code ---

Hosting problem?

Do I need to phone the bastards?  I hate phoning them because it never seems to be anything they can do.  If I hadn't been tricked into paying two years up front, I'd tell them to shove it.

Who is your host?

Guess!  Go flaming Daddy.


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