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You would have to convert it to two different SMF forums.
The .sql file has a path set to the default site. You would have to change this path to be the other drupal site you want to convert.

Just to make sure that you understand me.
What I want is to merge the two Drupal forums to one SMF forum. If thats not possible, would it be possible to merge two SMF forums?


--- Quote from: tonnyl on July 03, 2008, 02:37:20 PM --- would it be possible to merge two SMF forums?

--- End quote ---
this is possible :)  take a look at

Hola there,

I'm trying to use these scripts with a 6.3 installation and the latest smf in the 1.1x branch, however the conversion script keeps returning "Unable to find the settings for Drupal 6.2 . Please double check the path and try again." even though I've specified the locations correctly

Both installations are in the same directory tree, and the databases are on the same sql server, with the SMF user having full access to the database.

Any suggestions?

two ideas:

- the pathes during conversion are absolute pathes like /home/www/user/forum... maybe you have entered relative pathes or URLs instead?

- have you downloaded the drupal_migration.php from the first post of this topic and placed in your drupal directory?


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