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I want Khmer Language

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នី ឫទ្ថី:
I see that Khmer is appear on dropdown language in this forum
But I can't find to download the language package
Thank You

Because it's not done yet...You may want to help?

នី ឫទ្ថី:
Yes, I'm trying to translate it for my forum
I'm so new with smf
help me

First, if you want to translate for SMF, regular way is: Send email to language support team and explain all.
Second, if you want it for your forum then we need to translate all the language strings from the English language pack

Translation for SMF is a better solution, but you must have experience and good knowledge of English

Hi rithy.
All is said here and here
Don't hesit to make the request if you have the level to do it. ;)


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