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SMF 2.0 Update Part IIIIII

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Come one, come all,

So, it’s been a little while since the last update which no doubt means that the World is coming to an end, all the developers of SMF have died in a freak swan related accident or we’ve got a bit caught up and haven’t had much to say. Fortunately I can inform all those listening (I’m sure there are at least three people interested in this post) that it’s the third of those points which is most true (Although it was touch and go for a minute on the who swan thing – I told Compuart that stop waving his body parts at our flying friends).

Anyhow, I don’t really have any real excuses for why Beta 4 isn’t out. Summer is always a difficult time to develop, there are times when programmers have even been to leave the house during the height of this season. Personally I’ve been quite busy with the whole inconvenience that is real life, and thus bugs haven’t been getting fixed and our terribly efficient (and hence terribly irritating) beta team keep finding more bugs to fix – grrr. There are still a couple of real humdingers on the bug tracker which we simply must fix and I’m afraid Beta 4 must wait until then.

However, all is not lost. We should all be a little more free the next few weeks and we are trying damn hard to squash those remaining little critters. Once Beta 4 is out we just need to run through the bug fixing all the way to final – sounds so much easier to say than to do of course. In the mean time, those waiting patiently should probably visit their local Church/Mosque/Synagogue and partake in some lovely sing songs and praise their respective Lords to pass the time. Those who are not waiting patiently should try seeing how many malnourished gerbils they can stuff down their trousers and submit photos to RickC who is compiling them for marketing purposes; anyone who does so with a SMF T-Shirt on will be provided with one virtual “nod in the right direction” to show our respect without actually costing us any money, as we need all our money to fund Derek’s server farm.

Anyway, “Happy Holidays” (The politically correct version of “Enjoy the Summer” as some people, like myself, live in rubbish countries which don’t really experience sun.


* SleePy wonders if grudges "I" key got stuck and just went with it :P

IIIIII for one appreciate the heads-up ;) I'll go find some malnourished gerbils... but does the SMF shirt have to be the official one? Or can I finger paint on a blank shirt?

Just when I thought I'd dedicate myself to some hardcore beta testing, starting with an upgrade of my live forum of ~362K posts from 1.1.5 to Beta 3.1... Oh well, you lose some, you gain some.

Hopefully you guys will get to have more time and less inconvenience during holidays. And please stay away from lakes and other bodies of water. We'll understand.


Tristan Perry:
Enjoy the Summer too Grudge ;) Gotta love the UK... heh.

Nice to have an update - I think everyone is a little busy with real life right now, however as you say, that will soon get a bit easier, hence hopefully SMF SecretWorldDominationVersion 3.0 will soon be out ;D

* Wait, you mean you haven't announced your World Domination plans yet?


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