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So is Komodo Edit (not a full fledged IDE but close imo), which I prefer.

Not really sure if this was discussed in here yet.  Not really an application, but still a very nice link that lets your browser know how it stacks up with HTML5.  Simply point that browser to this url:

Cheers :)

Just in case:

* emanuele is still sooo noob!

Nice one, shame that it has to be in the form of a file to check for PHP Syntax Errors, and can't be in the form of a string instead, same thing with the built-in PHP function:  php_check_syntax() which has been deprecated!  Honestly, writing out a file, checking it's syntax, and than deleting it (cause we really don't need the file, but only the string) is a bit redundant.  However, this is useful knowledge in any case!  FWIW, I managed to duplicate the php_check_syntax() function that is compatible with all PHP versions, without using the commandline and without running the script itself.

As for using PHP to access the commandline for syntax error checking and more:  Here's a nice topic on that:  Accessing the Command Line from PHP if anyone's interested.

WinSCP: (SFTP Client)

Allows you to access your server securely :)


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