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Is there a way to popular disqus comments on site to a thread in SMF?

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as above.. need this very crucially.. will appreciate your recommendation..

well, since the "as above" is rather lacking in clarity and explanation, who knows?
We have no idea what you are actually asking....

DETAILS are important.

He is talking about DISQUS service which allows you to have their hosted discussion system in your site, but I wonder why he need to replace as USP of SMF is the DISCUSSION system simply because  its a forum system :)

hi thanks for the reply... the reason why i am doing this is because.. pple are chatting on the disqus sys rather than going to the forum.. am hoping this will make the forum more alive by having the discussions mirrored over there... is this possible?

first of all, both of you, please try using standard English, not crappy text-speak.
(in other words, use capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar)
It makes questions and answers SOOOOOOOOO much clearer.

Second, why are you using disqus if you intend to have a forum?
They seem to essentially overlap functionality...

Third, if you insist on duplicating efforts, and if disqus sits on your server and uses mySQL and PHP, then yes, you can probably mirror discussions. If not, then it becomes much more difficult.


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