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Statement regarding SOPA

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--- Quote from: Runic on January 05, 2012, 02:16:32 PM ---nend no-one is disagreeing with you.  It is important that everyone stand against SOPA in its current format.

--- End quote ---
I know, I just want everyone to realize what can happen. You know, give them that extra push to do something about it instead of just agreeing.

Thank You SimpleMachines for educating me about SOPA.

I found your statement beautifully coherent and cogent. Until reading it, I had not realized the sinister extent of that bill.

I am grateful that you took time out of your other tasks to compose this amazing statement. It affects people well beyond SMF, so I have forwarded it to a non-SMF friend.

Wishing you a beautiful day.

Thank you playful, that is exactly what we hope to accomplish: make as many people aware of this as we can and try to give people just that nudge to take action :)

I fear time will come when the Internet itself will be divided into several separate DNS zones completely isolated from each other. With SOPA alive that idea is certainly coming closer to reality - the Internet as we know it utterly destroyed and for what? Money and pure greed.

青山 素子:
The big problem with the lawmakers dealing with SOPA is they are well aware they are ignorant of technical items and are not willing to bring in experts to discuss issues.

The last big hearing before the committee had a bunch of pro-SOPA companies and Google. Google tried quite decently to warn about the damages of the bill, but when they are being described as a pirate site by the lawmakers dealing with the bill, you know things are well stacked in favor of getting the bill passed.

There are a few sane folks on the committee and they are doing their best to stall the bill and keep it from ever being voted in, but even that may fail. Hopefully Google, Facebook, Twitter, and PayPal will go through with their coordinated blackout in protest if the bill exits the committee.


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