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Ruddy Kitty:
They are telling me "As for the database, you can remove the username for the database, and recreate it to have it connect to it."

Should I even attempt this or will this guarantee that my info will be gone?

And now I can't get my forum out of maintenance mode despite the settings being at 0. This is just perfect.

I am sorry you are experiencing this. In the future, to prevent this from happening again, you should always do regular backups of your database yourself and keep a copy offsite, on your hard drive, a thumbdrive,  or anywhere you feel safe. Even the best hosts can botch a backup occasionally.
I hope that you can find a recent backup.

Ruddy Kitty:
They were able to get it back except for a few posts from each member.

In the meantime, I have gone and registered with a new host. How do I go about transferring my forum?

EDIT: I'm trying to make a back up of my forum and it's not letting me download a backup, but it's giving me an entire HUGE page with a bunch of weird scripted text?

Sorry about your bad experience. Yes that file with wierd stuff is an SQL Dump and will allow you to restore your forum on your new host.

Ruddy Kitty:
But the weird thing is, it's not letting me download it. Why is that? It's showing it as a page, not a download.


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